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What is the trademark process?

The trademark registration process varies between registries but all follow some core principles. Applications must be made in writing, and when received by the registry will be examined by a trademark examiner. The examiner’s will check that the application meets the requirements of trademark law. At some registries the examiners will also identenfy similar trademarks and notify teh owners of the new application so they can oppose the application. At some registries the examiner will effectively oppose acceptance on the basis of similarity. Once an application passes the examiner it is then published for several months to allow for existing trademark owners to make themselves aware of the application and oppose it if they have suitable grounds. The most common period of publication in popular registries is three months, though the UK is only two months. Once the application passes through the publication without opposition it goes automatically to registration. The total time from filing to registration varies according to registries, with the UK one of the fastest at some 4 months, the EU is about 8 months, and the US around 10 months. Some registries can take several years, such as the UAE.

Updated on 23rd November 2020

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