• What is visual similarity in trademarks?

    Visual similarity in trademarks is acording to how they look. It can apply o the arranagements of the letters in word marks as well as the look of figurative marks, also known as logo marks. Examples would be DogTired and DogTried or AadVark And ArtVaak

  • What are the different types of trademark similarity?

    Trademark similarity for word marks and figurative marks are 1) aural,: how it sounds, 2) visual; how it looks, and b) conceptual.; the concept it conveys. So Mycrowsoft who be considered too aurally similar to Microsoft. Visual similarity would prevent the registration of airdmd as too visually similar to airbnb…

  • What are similarity and relative grounds for refusal of trademarks?

    Similarity and relative grounds for refusal of a trademark applications are when the trademark is already in use, or too similar to one in use, for the same Goods and Services. The test of similarity is whether there there is a likelihood of confusion or association between the two trademarks….

  • What are absolute grounds for refusal of a trademark?

    Absolute grounds for refusal of a trademark are many, most common are descriptiveness, lack of distinctive character, being generic. Also exclusion due to shape or other characteristic. Bad faith is also grounds for refusal and is where an application is judged to have been made to impede another firm, rather…

  • What is design registration?

    You can register the look of a product you’ve designed to stop people copying it. Design rihhts can protect the appearance, shape, configuration of the parts, and the decoration.

  • Why file an international trademark application?

    Trademarks can be protected abroad or ointernationally by registration in countries of interest. This can be either by direct filing in individual countries or through an international trademark application designating countries of interest. For a few countries direct applications is normally costs less, but for 4 or 5 countries or…

  • How long does an international trademark application take?

    It normally takes 12-18 months for designated country registries to decide whether they will accept the trademark for registration. If there are objections it may be necessary to appoint a local trademark attorney to progress your applicaton with a particular registry.

  • What does an international trademark cost?

    The cost of applying for an international trademark depends on how amy and which countries you want your trade mark to be protected in. There is a list of fees and a fee calculator on the WIPO https://www.wipo.int/madrid/feescalculator/